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Saturday, September 30, 2006



So how do you make money? You work hard day and night and by the end of the month you get your much awaited salary. But what if you could make the same money for taking online surveys. Yes i'am not joking! You would be wondering how this works but it's as simple as just answering the questions the survey gives you and make your way to fortune! You only need to sign up to recieve their surveys by E-mail.


The company usually searches for it's members through the information provided in their profile. You can expect the company to send you more surveys by just completing your profile. The profile usually consists of information related to you and your family, like your monthly income, your home appliances, etc. And you have to make sure you provide the right information to be eligible to receive more survey's. It's that simple!


I'am sure you are having this question in your mind. The survey usually takes about 20 to 40mins depending on the questions provided to you. And it's fun to answer these surveys!


Some sites have point system which gives you points when you answer their surveys. Each point has a fixed value. They do have a rule where you must have the minimum required points to redeem them to cash. Usually some sites require you to have mininum of 1000 points before you can redeem them to cash but others pay you for any amount of points collected.


It's always better to be member of various survey sites because you can just calculate how much money you can make every month. Sign up for many survey sites that pays for completing surveys and you are on your way to instant cash!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Getting more out of the Smartphone:

What do we use our smartphone for? Well, jus making calls?? Sounds silly, probably yes! Smartphones are considered as a luxury by many just like we did with the computers! But u should be knowing that these big phones do all our tasks with ease. So what use can we put these smartphones to, lets check out:

Installing softwares:
Well there are two varieties of smartphones, one is symbian based and the other is windows mobile based. The windows Mobile as u know is the mobile version of Microsoft windows. Symbian is the leader in mobile OS as u can install plenty of softwares. All Nokia smartphones have this OS and has been famous with the public.

Types of Softwares:
There are many types of softwares available for a smartphone. The most popular among symbians are call recorders, Ebook readers, Net browsers, games, the list goes on….

Accessing PIM Functions:
PIM (Personal information Management) like calendar, alarms, notepad etc… are much needed for our daily life and this is where smartphones come to the rescue! It has all the PIM functions of a PDA.

Browsing the Net:
Web browsing on cell has become common all around but u usually don’t find a common handset having a big screen do u? This is where smartphones come to the rescue again! If u don’t like the inbuilt browser which is a WAP browser then u can install third party applications such as Opera Mini.

Sending Mails:
Smartphones have the ability to send mails with attachments which can be a video or a photo. The advantage here is that all nokia smartphones come with EDGE, so u have faster speeds to send ur mails instantly! The 3G technology can mean even faster speeds as u will be having a broadband connection on ur cell!

For Blogging:
Smartphones are also used for blogging purposes, so u can update ur blogs everyday wherever u are as long as u have the cell with u!

Snazzing Up Ur Cellphone:

Well, I see quite a few ladies sporting a motorazr! It should suit u if u are stylish. Then there are few others with a Nokia N70! Well, I can’t imagine how a lady could go for this phone! It loks good in the male hands! But still if u really like it then go for it but be sure to snazz up ur cellphone. If u don’t want ur N70 to look like a brick then u can cover it’s sideline’s with glittering American diamonds! I think u get it with a crystal cover case. That should be a fancy upgrade to ur cell! If u like u can check out various colours for ur phone, Nokia as we know has express-on covers for all it’s handsets and u can choose the one u like the most. If u don’t need a smartphone then there are lots of other phones which u can make it look like a luxury phone, sounds interesting?

Boys or Men:
Well boys usually have a lot of options! U can snazz up ur cell with flickering LED’s stickers. This is often seen on nokia phones, usually the cheaper ones. They do make it look stylish as well as catch the attention of others!U can also purchase a bracelet like chain to attach it to the gap left out for the hand strap, it can really add a good value to ur handset.

Thursday, September 28, 2006 - A Useful Website, sounds something like "seen it". Yes this site is all about reviews, downloads, and everything that's technology related. It's one of the popular sites on the internet. So what's so special about it? Read on…..

They have many reviews based on cellphones, cars, laptops,etc..
They also have comments section where people comment as well as leave some ratings for the product and these ratings form the total user rating for that particular product. If the product is liked by the editor then he might give it 8/10 and can also give it a Editors choice symbol based on the popularity and performance of the product.

The video review is one of the most useful thing on this site. The editor himself shows the product and so we can get a good look at it's features, performance etc..
It's fun to see all the exciting gizmos be it ipod or digital camera. The video usually comes beside a written review but if u want a full list of videos then u can go to the video reviews section based on the category such as cell phones, camcorders, etc..


This sections gives u Tips & Tricks for a product and this is also based on the popularity of the gadget.

This is one of the good feature that Cnet has introduced!Here u can watch all the video from various categories. It has a control bar from which u can pause, stop, play the next video and so on... It starts playing as soon as u click the CNET TV icon

They have a blog called as ALPHA Blog where u can find latest technological news. it's a useful addition to the site.
Then there's "Download" section which takes u to from wher u can download games, applications, etc..

They also have something like Top Ten Products and this is based on the popularity of the gadget.
U can also compare prices between various products
The learning Campus feature is also useful. Here u can learn how to build a PC and such
Overall it's a very useful site, they keep updating the site almost everyday and I think there's no other site on the internet that provides this many information. U should surely have a look at it and i'am sure it will be addictive to u!

Nokia N73 - A great Cam-Phone

Nokia N73 is supposedly the brother of nokia N70 and so i'amwriting this review as my friend has it. Believe me it's awesome! Even Nokia N93 looks big and ugly when compared to this phone.

CARL ZEISS LENS: After nokia N90 and
N93, this phone too comes with this lens so u can be sure of clear and beautiful pictures since it has autofocus. The quality is comparable to sony ericsson K750i. The camera application has various settings:

• Automatic
• User
• Close-up
• Portrait
• Landscape
• Sport
• Night
• Night portrait

AUDIO QUALITY: Music sounds very good, i feel because this phone has the latest symbian OS. All the elements such as bass came out clear.

MEMORY: This phone comes with a 128 MB mini SD card. These cards are available upto the capacity of 4 GB so u won't be having any problems when it comes to storing movies, music or videos!

This phone has a 3 MP camera and performs better than nokia N80. but there's no WIFI! Well WIFI is of no use to most of us but i guess the business guys would need it most of the time!
The front camera is the same as that of nokia N70 which is used for conferencing. Then there's light sensor which controls the backlight according to the lighting conditions.
the screen looks big and clear, keypad is comfortable. The mechanism of the camera cover has been made smoother. Overall it looks like a upgraded version of the nokia N70.

DIGIT - True to it's name

Gifted with the slogan YOUR TECHNOLOGY NAVIGATOR Digit has been one of my favourite magazines. Although not being as good as it's previous name CHIP, it's striving hard to get many get enough technological information to it's readers every month.


It's earlier name CHIP had the slogan THE BEST GUIDE TO COMPUTING which was purely related to computers and they would give u hands on tips on adding latest components to the PC which was very useful. They had become successful and the name was almost liked by everybody who owned the magazine. Then when they changed the name to DIGIT, it got a lot of questions from the reader's doubting their capabilities but they assured the readers that they were the same people with the same magazine but with a different name! DIGIT struggled hard for 2 years to make people buy their magazines by sending their people for spreading their name in big cities like BANGALORE, MUMBAI, etc and arranging contests where people could win free subscriptions to their magazine! This did not help much so they had to increase the amount of information provided in the magazine which lead to a steady increase in the demand for their magazine.

So 5 years after the re-launch of their magazine, DIGIT makes sure that people get their money's worth by providing a DVD free along with the regular CD. I feel this is a great move by digit so even the price of Rs.125 doesn't matter much!

Digit has made it's readers habitual to their freebies! Currently u get a free booklet that provides u complete detailed information on the latest products like mobile phones, digital pheripherals etc, their history, advantages, comparisions, their future and the likes. These booklets are really useful and are in sync with the magazine. The DVD is also useful and if u missed any of their earlier issues, u can find them on the DVD in PDF format! But i feel that DVD's and CD'S are waste coz u can get these contents easily on the internet. Just log on to and u can see the contents of the CD and DVD of the next issue to be published. But not all of us have internet connection and downloading each of the software can be a waste of time!

The contents in the magazine are well compiled and provides in depth information of the products that are reviewed. There's a whole lot of contests that u can enjoy, some of them are in the magazine and rest are available on their website. The magazine has a section called DIgit _Patron Programme where they give u a 16 digit code and u have to enter it in ther website and u get some points which get added every month and u can redeem them for gifts!

This site is just for checking their magazine contents for the coming month. Here u can see the cover of the magazine, there are subsections that provide details about the CD and DVD. Other features include select contents featured in the previous months and a forum. The forums are really useful and u can find solution to ur computer problems by asking other members. - need any Introduction?......

As usual india's favourite auction site has lot of seller's from all over the country with various products. So we type in the product of our choice in the search bar and get so many matches, it's that simple! But as we know that internet shopping is very risky and can lead to our losses we still trust the site coz it's famous and people leave so many comments about the seller expressing their happiness coz the product has been delivered on time! I'am going to describe here how the seller's actually sell their products and the con game involved with it.....

these are just my experiences whenever i visit this site. i have never bought anything from ebay so here's the reason why i don't......

well i don't know why people buy products that cost more than the retail value! Go to ebay and u will find prices that vary in values. u might be tempted when u see a product that costs 1000 bucks less than the actual product. But don't go on and buy that product coz u might not know the con game that he might be playing on u! what if he gives u a used or refurbished product? well even a product that's just a month old can't be trusted! u ask me how i come to know of this? well i have a nokia N70 purchased from a dealer in my city whom i know very well and whom i trust. The box has a seal which has to be broken in order to open the box. well i just peeled it like u would do carefully with a birthday present to preserve the wrapping! I was surprised that the seal could be refixed! The seal is such that u can't make out whether it's really sealed or gummed manually to the box! However my dad has a nokia 3230, the seal however once opened can't be sticked onto the surface! So i came to know that the stickers vary from box to box and also the way in which the seller's deal with the customers! So if u are new to ebay then it's better to make small purchases at first and then move onto bigger and better products. It's preferrable if u make all ur purchase with the same seller who sells variety of products. I think it not wise to buy expensive things from ebay onless u trust the seller.

The day of delivery varies from user to user! some get their products on time and some others don't get it, while others have to beg with the seller to get it delivered! U can see it in the comments section of some of the sellers. so there's a lot of con game involved and this usually happens when a buyer buys expensive products like mobiles.

This site can help u find the current market price of all the products featured in the site. I visit this site almost everyday coz it helps me in my buying decisions. I bought the nokia N70 after i realized that the prices were not dropping as per my expectations and i thought that waiting for a few more months would be a waste coz it's a N-series and they are not like the regular nokia S60 phones which continue to become cheaper! that's where ebay really strikes a chord!

Ebay is a good auction site and i would recommend it to anyone but beware of some sellers! (well i mentioned some, not all) Be a smart shopper and if u like u can follow the rules that i have set for myself (mentioned above). GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY SHOPPING!!

My N-series

I got this great phone, nokia N70 on 3rd June and i'am very excited about it! Let me list here some of my experiences with this phone.

The best thing is that i have got the latest handset with a new colour,the colour is black around the silver bezel (the silver bezel borders the screen) and the camera cover is also black while the rest of the back portion is silver! This colour combination is an inverse of the silver combination that we had seen before. I asked the dealer about the colour and he said that it's the latest colour with the latest firmware (v 5.0609.2.0.1). He was just a regular mobile dealer who had got the latest piece. But the nokia dealer was still having the older piece. so i decided to avoid the nokia care and went on to buy the latest handset. When i opened the box i did not find the cleaning cloth and the hand strap,(they might have discontinued it because it's a black version of the handset.).

The features are the same as that with the old set except that the speed has been improved and the boot up time is faster than before, the camera response time after opening the cover has been made faster (it's instantaneous!). Other than this everything else is the same. If u have an older version of the firmware and if u feel it's problematic then u can get ur handset flashed with the new version of the firmware (v 5.0609.2.0.1) at nokia care. The price should be less than Rs.1000 for the flashing (not sure).

The camera was the only reason for me to buy this phone, of course i needed a symbian phone too!
The camera has a LED flash which i feel is a waste for this phone but it should help u in close-ups.
The night mode is the best part of this phone and it takes good photos in low light conditions. when i took photos in the normal mode it wasn't that good but when i used night mode, i was surprised with the results! The second camera is simply a waste! But u can use it for self portraits. It really helps when u haven't bought a mirror to set ur hair proper!!

The video camera is the next best thing in this mobile, it takes videos at 352x288 pixels which makes the video quality nearly equal to a camcorder.

This phone has a music player and the music sounds very good. But it lacks basic audio settings.
It plays mp3, WAV, amr, real audio, AAC but it doesn't play WMA. If u want to play WMA files then u must look for a third party application that plays various formats. So it doubles up as a music player too.

This phone has a big internal memory of 30 MB, 30 MB of RAM should help u load many applications with ease. I was quite surprised that my handset was bundled with a 128 MB MMC card! ( earlier only 64 MB!) So there shouldn't ne any necessity to upgrade the MMC unless u decide to store a bunch of music on the phone. This phone can take MMC upto the capacity of 1 GB.

The best thing is that it's a 3G phone, that means it's future proof! It also has EDGE for faster browsing. It comes preloaded with many applications like opera, and a few games like snake 3D, camster.. there's also a office suite named quickoffice which lets u view word, powerpoint and excel documents. then there's adobe PDF viewer that view's PDF documents It has a new rotating gallery which makes browsing photos a breeze. overall it's a very useful phone for me, and no feature goes waste except for the 3G.

Well here i'am at the worst part of this phone! i haven't faced many problems with this phone but 2 days after i got this phone, my phone hung once, after that the phone refused to make a call saying the "Network is busy" but i got it rectified by trying to process the call thrice and then finally i was able to make calls! The problem still persists if i don't make calls for three days or so and i have to repeat the same process! One advice though, please don't load too many applications on the phone like i did, it will either make the phone too slow or it will freeze completely! Well my phone froze when i loaded my MMC with some 30 applications. but when i removed the MMC everything worked fine. So i had to do a small trick in order to remove the applications from the MMC which was really difficult! (Those who own nokia symbian phones can understand my difficulty i guess!). In reality the latest firmware shouldn't give any problems to the user, so u may not experience the same problems like i did.

E-Books - Books Of the Future!

Oh Man! technology is changing so fast! see where it is landing us to - E-BOOKS!
Till now we have people of all ages who came along reading conventional books. say will u get the latest harry potter book on this e-book? definitely no. But would be possible in the near future when books will be digitized and sold to people as E-Books on the internet!
E-Book has it's own advantages and disadvantages:
1: Easily available and downloadable through the internet
2: Few books are free on the internet but u will have shell out your money for the rest!
3: No need to keep the lights ON for reading as the E-Book reader(PDA or the likes) has an inbuilt light in it!

1: If u don't have a PDA or some similar device, then u will have to spend atleast 7000 to 15000 for it!
2: Reading E-books causes strain to your eyes when compared to conventional books
3: U can't read for much time when u are traveling as the battery has a tendency of discharging soon.

E-books are available in a variety of format like PDF, text, etc.. and once u download it from the internet u can read it on your comp or directly transfer it your PDA. ( to open a pdf file u need to have adobe acrobat reader). Apart from these there is a software from Microsoft which is specially made for reading E-books. I don't know the name exactly but I think it's called Microsoft E-book reader.

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